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For those of you who want to know, my name is Shona and I’m from Northern Ireland. I’m married with two lovely children. I’m openly bi-sexual, I measure 36D-26-36. I have straight, shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. I’m 5’9″ tall and my weight is my own business. 🙂

I try to write in such a way that my stories are believable. I’m not into hype or sensationalism. Wherever possible, I try to draw on personal experience. That doesn’t mean that I’ve done every thing I write about but I am a woman with a healthy sexual appetite, and any woman who has given a blow-job and has had a cock in her pussy or arse can write about these things. If, as I have, you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy another woman’s touch then that can be added in too.

The St. Mary’s Stories

Other Series

Stand Alone Stories

St. Mary’s Girls – The Beginnings

St. Mary’s Sixth Form Sluts

St. Mary’s Girls – Ater School

Steph’s Pleasures

Sue & Lisa

Sharon & Laura

Julia & Phil

Claire’s Mis-adventures

Sexual Awakenings

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. Please feel free to write to me to tell me what you think of them.

Luv ‘n’ hugs,



Posted March 12, 2001 by Celtic Heart

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  1. Thank you, Shona for sharing your writing with me (and the rest of the world). You have a magical way with words and, quite clearly, a vivid imagination.

    Hope to see more from you soon.

    John xx

  2. Shona,

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed your work for several months. You make it a real story as opposed to some of the other authors who don’t put any depth or feelings to their characters. Keep on writing!

  3. I have been enjoying your stories. I especially like the way you lady writers present a story. It is a much softer presentation than the rough and tumble ways that men write.

    Since I discovered you, I have been going through many of them and am really enjoying myself.

    Thank you again.


  4. Hi Shona – this is a quick message to you and it’s to say thanks for your candor.

    I am the Alan of Mary and Alan. We havebeen married for 33 years and happily so. However there is one aspect of the marriage that I have been trying to improve for years.

    I have only had time to read two of your stories so far “All oral” and “Discovering Intimacy” and it seems that your story is very similar with one significant execption. You have had the courage to break away from out dated beliefs systems imposed on you by well meaning parents.

    All I can say is thank you for you courage to write about your experience.

    Unfortunately my wife is still stuck in those belief systems and I am currently working to break them down.

    If you have the time and the inclination I would like to communicate more with you.

    Mary and I live in Perth Australia.

    Hope to hear back from you.

    Once again I admire your courage


  5. Of the many authors I’ve read, your subissions resonate best. I confess that I envy your use of imagery (A familiar tingle spread through my body. I always got this feeling when I played with myself and I knew what was about to happen.), your style (I feel so sexy. My breasts, firm and yet so soft, feel so good under my hands as I press them together, savouring the sensations arising from my attentions), and your mind (Fire burns in my pussy. My body is alive with expectation of release as I caress myself all over. Like iron to a magnet my fingers are unconsciously drawn towards my pussy. I have to use every ounce of will power I possess to prevent them from finding their goal. I run my fingers up and down my inner thighs, teasing myself until the tension and anticipation become too much to bear).

    You use more subjective description, actual time sequences than anyone else so farm and normally hard words in erotic fiction jolt me, yours did not. Or was it that your ability to change sensation and thought into verbiage helped me to view them differently?

  6. Hi Shona. Hope you and Connal are doing well. Enjoyed your sister/incest family and bi female, gets me going a bit. And since I did go to a “St” school myself I am going to have to read them.

  7. I enjoy your stories – they’re both very sexy and “feel good” as well. I’ve yet to read your “St Mary’s Schoolgirls Series though”

  8. Well someone who writes with a bit of style, thank god for that. Keep it up. Thanks.

  9. Hi! I love your stories. Very sexy and all great.

  10. Hi babe,
    U r a very hot girl and I’m masturbating while I think about and about ur story, while I fuck u in my dreams. So please if u will help me and put more pics of u on ur in site.

  11. Great stories. Shame you haven’t added to them in a while.

  12. Hi, I love your stories, keep going!

  13. ur a great writer with great imagination keep it up chat me if u wish


  14. thank you ever so much for sharing your stories.

  15. Hi Celtic, I just wanted to say I love your stories but Something that makes them even more exciting is who you are and how you look.

    How can such depraved words come from such a beautiful woman, moreso a loving wife and mother. Please, this is no judgement, I think you are gorgeous and your stories are wonderful in theie own right.

    David (Brisbane, Australia)
  16. I read your story Double Trouble the other day and enjoyed it, but what’s prompted me to write to you is the fact that you’re from Ireland. I know this might sound strange, but you’ll see why in a moment. I am interested in Irish legends and myths, as resource and research material for stories of my own, and I was hoping you might be able and willing to send a little of what you might be familiar with, if any. I can’t afford to travel there, unfortunately, so I have to turn to people who actually have been there or live there to learn what I can. Having read your profile, I understand you’ve got your hands full with a few little ones and may not be able to respond to this immediately but I would appreciate whatever help you could provide. Thank you.

  17. I enjoy reading your stories very much, and after reading your biography I see that you are also from Ireland. I was wondering if your stories had any element of real-life experience in them?

  18. Hello Shona,

    I’ve read numerous stories on Literotica but I have to admit I like yours the best.
    There is a reality instilled in your stories which transport the reader right into the action. You do not rely on corny euphemism nor do you fall into the trap of overdescribing the environment. Instead you give structure to your characters and trust the reader to use his/her imagination to fill in any superfluous details. As well, the cadence of your stories, how they flow, comes naturally. There is nothing stilted about the pace, and you don’t fill your stories with unnecessary events which slow so many other stories down.
    I particulary enjoy realism. When an author uses their own name in the story, it brings an element of truth however forbidding it may be to the reader’s imagination.
    Many witers try to “tell” stories, whereas you tend to “share” them. The difference seems to be a more genuine feeling.

    Anyway,I’m quite sure you don’t need this feedback, you do quite well enough on your own, however I felt it necessary for selfish reasons to pass on my impressions of your work. You would do well as a fiction novelist. You could probably make a lot of money if you tried.

    Take care,


  19. too sad, that you don’t write anymore, dear shona!

    best regards anyway

    ottokar from germany
  20. surprised and delighted to find a prolific author from NI. The St Mary’s girls story titles grabbed my attention before reading the biog. if the stories are fictional, they are beautifully evocative, and if based on your life….wow!

  21. Hi … Like your stories, esp the schoolgirl stories. Do you have anymore or are you intending to write anymore? I’m sure that you get messages like this all the time and no worries if you don’t reply!

  22. You’re a talented writer. You write sexy and erotic stories that turn me on just from reading. I’ve read many, many stories before but none has captivated my mind like your stories. Your stories are beautifully written, descriptive, creative, and thought-provoking, thus, stimulating in nature. Thank you for sharing your stories. I would love to read more.

  23. Hi,

    I am a guy and I just read your story of Sam & Sharon. Several things happened during that time. First, I had just read your bio and seen your picture. You look very much like a sensative and caring woman. Looking at your picture gave me an erection. Then reading your story of Sam & Sharon brought me to a Kleenex wasting orgasm, and had me momentarily wishing I was a girl so that I could share in a first lesbian experience. Your way with words is totally HOT. Give your husband a message for me. Tell him that he owes you a mind blowing orgasm – for me, since your work, and imagining you as the “Sharon” in the story gave me such a wonderful experience. (If your husband would not mind, I would be more than happy to stand in for him, but since that is not possible, he MUST take my place and give you a free round trip to Paradise.


  24. Shona:
    Will we ever read your stories again? You have a great talent and I hope you come out of “”retirement” soon.

  25. were u from pussy lover

  26. Hi Shona , thanks for sharing your many talents and i hope to see the north on my next trip to Ireland

  27. Wow, not sure what is more arousing, your words or your photograph…you make my knees go weak and make me want to worship you from feet up…

    Would love it if you were to read my stories too:



  28. Hello:

    Your writings are so vivid and alive, I smell you and feel you. I wish we coud be together making some of ur thought and images materialize

  29. Love your work. Shame you don’t seem to be writing any more.

  30. hi I’m Louie I have read a few of your stories and going to read more, I want you to know I loved them you are now my favorite author on Literotica. I notice you haven’t posted in a long time so I’m not sure you will get this I hope you do just so you know you have a new fan. I love your use of realism I will stop reading stories if its off the wall or very outlandish, my favorite so far is “my affair” loved it. thank you Louie

  31. Hi I love your work I would love for you to submitt to me

  32. Hi Shona, I have not start reading the stories wholly. But, just by going through 1 or 2 stories, I can only say u’ve got such a magical touch in terms of your phrases u choose to illustrate things. Adore the stories a lot,

  33. You may like this one of mine: https://kanaal69.wordpress.com/ Most of it is in Dutch but there are English pages, too, and there’s a translation button as well. Enjoy!

  34. Love your work! Thanks so much!

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